The mommy makeover is far from a new concept. Far and wide, new mothers are heading to their plastic surgeons to revamp their bodies after giving birth. Celebrities in particular have been known to do exactly this, and Cardi B is one of them. 

And unlike many celebs that keep hush hush about work that they've had done, leave it to the rap megastar to keep it all the way real. She recently opened up about getting her breasts redone after giving birth to her daughter in the most real and organic way, and we stan.

Mom-shamers, there's no space for you here. 

Pregnancy looked great on Cardi B. 

The rap superstar was completely radiant throughout her pregnancy and continued to slay the fashion scene even with the little bun in her oven. She seemed to embrace every moment of her pregnancy while simultaneously maintaining her outgoing, outspoken, and down-to-earth personality, often making jokes about her changing body. 

And motherhood looks even better. 

The July 2018 birth of baby Kulture Kiari Cephus was the celeb tot arrival that we stood by with baited breath for. And though Cardi and Offset kept her hidden for awhile, when they finally revealed her to the world we were instantly obsessed. And to show us even more of what a superwoman she is, Cardi transitioned from pregnancy to motherhood almost seamlessly — at least that's what it looked like to the outside world.

But like any other woman who gives birth to a bundle of joy, the process put Cardi's body through some serious changes. 

Being a woman is nothing short of magical. The things our bodies can endure and recover from in such a short period of time is proof that we're truly unstoppable. And while carrying and birthing babies is a true badge of honor, there's no denying that the inward shifts can cause some serious exterior changes, often drastically altering the outward appearance of our bodies. 

And for Cardi, one of those changes happened to her breasts.

If there's one body part that's always gotten Cardi a lot of attention, it's her breasts. She's never shied away from being completely transparent about her first boob job years ago, and the rather large and pronounced augmentation has been around since long before her early days on Love & Hip-Hop

And now, post-baby, the mama whose snapback game has been fierce just opened up about her recent breast augmentation.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Cardi got real about the changes baby Kulture caused for her breasts. "My daughter f*cked me up," she said jokingly. The star went on to explain that she recently got her breasts redone after welcoming her daughter into the world. 

And the results look great. 

Her newer breasts appear to be slightly smaller and sit a bit more naturally than before. And that comes as no surprise. As Cardi's access to more skilled and experienced doctors has likely tremendously increased, the decision to make a few changes seems inevitable. 

This isn't the first time Cardi has been open about her experiences with plastic surgery.

She's been quite vocal about the butt injections that she received early on in her career. And unlike her recent breast augmentations, the rear alterations were only $800, unregulated, and performed in a basement in Queens, New York. 

And though some may not agree with her procedures, her transparency is not only needed but appreciated.

Though moms deserve to know that however they look after birth is beautiful, natural, and more than OK, it's also important to validate the decisions of those that want to nip and tuck postpartum. So long as mama and baby are safe during the process, the decision to do with her body what she likes is all her own. 

She showed off her body (and boobs) at last night's Billboard Awards, so she's clearly proud of her new look.

Draped in a a bright-yellow beaded two-piece, Cardi flaunted what she's got on the red carpet. And though photos from the evening of music have caused trolls to criticize the appearance of her stomach, moms came to her defense by explaining the process of skin stretching postpartum. That's what we call girl power. 

Now we're just wondering: Are there going to me more adorable babies in Cardi's future?

While we're sure Cardi would tell us to take it easy, we could definitely go for some more beautiful Cephus babies running around. But for now we'll just look forward to music from both of the bundle of joy's parents while celebrating Cardi's ever-present realness.