When it comes to beauty, Cardi B has her signature look down pat. In fact, it'd be downright strange to see her in anything but that full-coverage beat, winged eyeliner, and a mile-long pair of lashes.

Erika LaPearl, the makeup artist who's been by Cardi's side since the dawn of her rap career, is an open book with all of her makeup tricks and secrets — that's how we know that a lot of Cardi's frequently worn products are ones you can find in the drugstore.

LaPearl recently shared her go-to complexion routine with Glamour UK, though, and unveiled a very unexpected staple product.

When you think Cardi B, you automatically think of her impossibly smooth, full-coverage red-carpet complexion.

Like, you can look as closely as you want, but you'll never find a single flaw in any of Cardi's looks.

photo: Giphy

And that's all thanks to her ride-or-die makeup artist Erika LaPearl, who recently shared her go-to foundation routine with Glamour UK.

To prep the skin for makeup, LaPearl starts by dermaplaning Cardi's face with the Stacked Skincare Dermaplaning Tool ($75, Urban Outfitters).

Then, she uses three powerful Ole Henriksen products to banish unwanted oils and hydrate the skin. The first is Balancing Force Oil Control Toner ($26, Sephora).

ole henriksen toner
photo: Sephora

The second is Banana Bright Eye Creme ($38, Sephora).

ole henrisken banana creme
photo: Sephora

And the third is C-Rush Brightening Gel Creme ($44, Sephora).

c rush gel creme
photo: Sephora

Finally, before moving on to the actual makeup, LaPearl applies Lancer Studio Filter Pore Perfecting Primer ($58, Sephora)

lancer primer
photo: Sephora

And then it's time for the main event: foundation. LaPearl loves to use Invisiwear Liquid Foundation in the shade 8.0 ($16, Amazon) by EX1 Cosmetics.

EX1, for those of you who don't know, is a UK-based makeup brand that specializes in complexion products for skin with yellow and golden undertones.

ex1 foundation
photo: Instagram/ex1cosmetics

Which makes Invisiwear's "skin-like" formula perfect for Cardi's gilded skin.

cardi b makeup
photo: Instagram/erika_lapearl_mua

LaPearl's method for finding Cardi's perfect shade match, by the way, is to swatch foundation on her chest instead of her face.

photo: Giphy

And clearly, it works.

BRB, changing my foundation routine forever.