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J.Lo's package also included all three of her new eye shadow palettes.

The palettes seem to include four shadows, blush, and bronzer which likely doubles as a contour shade.

Of course, Cardi B couldn't resist a little swatch action. 

"Look at this palette," Cardi said. "That shit potent than a motherfucka!” 

(Note: That's slang for "these shadows are pigmented AF.") 

There is even a nail enamel in the Jennifer Lopex collection! 

Though all that makeup made Cardi one happy Bronx girl, there was one J.Lo item that REALLY made her flip out.

"Ooh we got lashes, America! We got lashes!" she squealed as she started shaking her phone.

Cardi B is right to freak out over J.Lo lashes. After all, Ms. Jennifer Lopez is known to invest a heavy coin into her lashes. I'm still slayed by the fox fur ones she wore to the Academy Awards in '05. Cardi B is one lucky, lucky gal! 

Oh to be in Cardi B's bloody shoes for one day and receive a beauty vault straight from J.Lo!

photo: Giphy

Watch Cardi B reveal her Jennifer Lopez Inglot vault down below. 

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