Cardi B's rise to stardom was nothing short of rapid. In just a year, she went from an Instagram-famous, "regular degular girl from the Bronx," to an international hip-hop superstar and mother, rising to the top of the charts and covering magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Harper's Bazaar

She's switched up her hair with new hairstylists and has done the same with makeup — these days, she's one of the biggest fashion and beauty icons in the world. And though much of her beauty routine has changed, one thing has stayed completely consistent: her nail artist. And you don't have to be super in-the-know for the name Jenny Bui to ring a bell. The over-the-top nail artist from Queens, New York who is most known for her work on the nails of Cardi is arguably one of the most popular nail techs ever. She's known for decking out nails in every single jewel possible and has even become affectionately known as the "Queen of Bling." 

For the past six years, she's been who Cardi has turned to for everything nails, and she's essentially become a celebrity herself. No matter the length, or how outrageous the design, Bui and her amazing team are setting themselves apart from the rest of the nail salons out there one finger at a time. 

But there's more to Bui then just nails, and she recently sat down to tell her story.