Cardi B Wig Snatching
photo: Getty Images

When it comes to performances, megastar Cardi B is always about putting on a once-in-a-lifetime show. So when she hit the stage this weekend in the UK, fans were equally shocked and amazed when the rapper decided to yank off her wig and finish the performance in just her cornrows and wig cap. Typical Cardi, right

In an unexpected twist, Cardi is asking fans for their help locating the missing hair piece, because, well, she wants it back. Twitter is on the hunt in hopes of returning the wig to its rightful owner, but the search is proving both bleak and difficult. 

This weekend, Cardi B was snatching wigs, both figuratively and literally.

Performing at the Wireless Festival in London on July 5, the rapper, clearly taken by the energy of the crowd, yanked her own long, black wig off and tossed it into the audience. A melee ensued, and dozens of fans clamored to be the one to take the 20-plus inches of luxury virgin hair home with them. However, now Cardi is asking fans for information to get the unit back. 

"I GOT CARRIED AWAY .......I want my wig back:/ Dm me," she wrote on Twitter. 

But we're pretty sure she'll never see that wig again, unfortunately.

In fact, most people think the wig is probably already posted online and selling for an outrageous amount of money. And we agree because, uh, we'd be ready to sell it, too. 

"CARDIIII THAT WIG IS PROLLY ON EBAY RN SELLIN FOR MILLIONSSSSSS," someone responded to her Twitter request. 

People have already tried to lay claim to the wig and are charging an arm and a leg for it.

A follower found a listing on eBay claiming to be Cardi's wig, and it's selling for a whopping $14,361 with a shipping fee of $9.45. The listing has yet to be verified, and we don't suggest making the purchase — just FYI. 

This wig mystery is just so very Cardi. 

Because what other entertainer would toss their wig into a crowd of thousands, then take to social media to request it all back? Only one. 

"Reason #66057264628 to love @iamcardib: she’s willing to take off her wig, throw it in the crowd, keep the same energy like nothing ever happened and then ask for her wig back !!! #priceless," a fan said. 

However, the person who scored the luxury wig might be laying low. 

We're just about positive that whoever that lucky wig catcher is, they're playing it mum to keep the wig all to themselves. Because you can't have one of the world's biggest superstars after you. 

"The person with the wig reading this like 'she really think she getting this back' ... clownery," someone hilariously replied. 

But if Cardi is really serious about getting the wig back, a private investigator may be necessary. 

With the wig snatching and catching being caught with a million different phone cameras, if she wants it back bad enough, it shouldn't be too hard to find. 

"Maybe you need a private investigator to investigate the crowd so you know who took your wig," a fan suggested. 

Needless to say, Cardi's gesture gave everyone life. 

"Cardi B completely locked arfffff Wireless and London. Anddddd offddd her own wig and performed the rest of the show in just cornrows if this woman doesn’t deserve to be our Prime Minister then I don’t know who does tbh," someone tweeted. 

And as much as we can't get enough of the snatchery, think before tossing next time, Cardi.