Makeup bags are about to be over-run by the '80s-flavored cuteness of furry bears, and the world will be a better place for it! 

Storybook Cosmetics just announced that the indie brand is launching a Care Bears makeup collection — and you'll be able to get it in 2018.

No specific date has been released, but you can expect a cool variety of Care Bear beauty products.

Judging by these popping lavender, pink, and sky blue lipstick colors  — this collection is going to guarantee that our rainbow obsession doesn't let up in 2018.

According to the brand, the lineup may include pressed pigments, lipstick, and of course, a rainbow highlighter in the spirit of the Care Bears colorful hues.

“Care Bears was such an influential part of our childhood,” said Missy Maynard, co-creator of Storybook Cosmetics.

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“And now in our adulthood we can still use the valuable lessons those lovable bears taught us, " she continued. "Partnering with Care Bears was an obvious choice for Storybook Cosmetics since our brand is about combining the stories that have left a mark on us with our love of makeup."

The brand also wants to go beyond makeup with their Care Bear love via an inspiring giveaway.

One Storybook Cosmetics fan can win a limited edition new Rainbow Heart Bear and a super coveted package of additional Storybook cosmetics products. All you have to do to win is post a photo of yourself with a heart on your nose, tag both the Care Bears and Storybook Cosmetics, and write about how you impact the world with the #ShareYourCare hashtag. The winner is announced on September 9, which is the Care Bears' official Share Your Care day. 

The prize is more than enough to hold you over until you can get your hands on the full Care Bear cosmetics collection that your heart is really longing for.