Celebrities Face App
photo: Instagram

For the past week, social media users everywhere have been using FaceApp to imagine what they would look like as senior citizens. The app, which adds wrinkles, frown lines, and even gray hair to selfies and up-close photos has been one of the most-used smartphone apps of the year. Millions of iPhone users have clicked into the app for entertainment, and that includes celebrities. 

And while use of the app is plummeting amid reports that it's being used by the Russian government to obtain our information ahead of the 2020 election, that didn't stop some of our favorite Hollywood fixtures. We've managed to gather some of the funniest celebrity transformations that are mind-blowing to look at, and you won't believe your eyes. 


’Nsync member Lance Bass took to his Twitter to give fans a hint of when the popular group will reunite once again. And by the looks of it, that's not anytime soon. 

"When we finally reunite," he captioned the photo. Followers weren't too amused. "Do u think this is funny lance this is my life you’re holding in your hands," a fan responded

Nick Jonas

"OMJ. Old man Jonas," he captioned the hilarious photo. But fans insist that he'll age gracefully. "Aww your caption, you are such a romantic Nick. Looking good, Mr OMJ. But I have a feeling that you will age more gracefully than this pic," someone wrote under the photo. 

Jonas Brothers

Well, that song matured well. Looks like we have a glimpse into what the brothers will look like in a few hundred years. "When you take a trip to the Year 3000," the photo read. "Is your great great great granddaughter doing fine?" a fan asked. 

We're loving the jokes. 

Jared Leto

Leto gave us a double dose of aging with this one. The actor brilliantly transformed not only his face but that infamous Met Gala face replica as well. Surprisingly, the face didn't really change all that much. 

"Jared is a vampire, he does not age," someone commented under the video. 

Snooki & J Woww

This duo always said they would grow old together, and it looks like that dream is coming sooner than expected. Unfortunately, if the FaceApp gives any true indication of how their faces will mature, they may want to hit the serums and retinol a little harder. ASAP.

Cardi B

Cardi B Face App
photo: Instagram/IAmCardiB

The app was not kind to the hilarious hip-hop star, but that didn't stop her from posting her pic and poking fun. Many commenters have noted that the app is harsher to women than to men, and we're beginning to agree. 


Drake enlisted the help of his followers to decide what the most appropriate caption for his photo will be. "Best caption wins ovo tickets," he said. 

The responses were of course hilarious, with most of them playing off many of his popular songs. "Just hold on were growing old, its hard to do these things alone lol," someone commented. 

Kevin Hart

"Strong [redacted] old man face and upper body," the comedian captioned his aged photo. A hilarious and very observant follower noted that the app makes all black men look like one very famous actor. 

"This app make everybody look like Morgan Freeman," he jokingly commented on the photo. 

Sam Smith

We live for androgyny, and Smith gave us just that "Grandpa or Grandma? I’ll take both #batch," he said about his new look. Fans said that the singer resembled a hot, rich sugar daddy, and we'd have to agree. "You look like a really hot sugar daddy," someone wrote. 

James Charles

photo: Reddit

A fan of Charles and active Redditor put the YouTuber's rate of aging to the test with this one. And though we're going to have to disagree, one commenter thinks that Charles looks great. "Pretty good and fresh but this was just FaceApp if he keeps skin care good and well he can look better then that," they wrote. 

Lil Nas X

And of course, rapper and professional troll Lil Nas X had to get in on the fun. "Feeling cute might delete later," he said. And he also ended up looking like a shorter Morgan Freeman.