If you're addicted to colored highlighters, you know that although they blind in the right lighting, sometimes they can look darker than you'd like them to.

An indie makeup brand just solved that problem.

These are the Color Shifting Highlighters by Chaos Makeup.

($25 each, Chaos Makeup)

They don't look much different from your average highlighter, but wait until you watch them in action.

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What is this? It's just hand. I don't see what's so special here.

Oh, SHIT. Rainbows, blinding rainbows. Forget everything else, I need this.

Also, can I talk about this formula for a second? It gives you glow in all the right ways.

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It doesn't appear to have a lot of fallout but still, that's some damn good color payoff.

You got me, Chaos Makeup — I'm in.

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Put it all on my face.


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