Do you believe in magic? Christian Louboutin does.

Originally known for iconic red-soled shoes, Louboutin also makes the most luxurious beauty products in the world — and now they've given their famous nail polish a literal unicorn makeover.

Behold: the Loubichrome nail polish collection!

Yup, it's time to get rid of those basic polishes and trade them in for horns! 

This limited edition collection contains three multicolored metallic hues — all in crystal bottles with ~rainbow~ caps!

Unicorn lovers can choose between: Loubichrome I (neon yellow), Loubichrome II (rosy red), and Loubichrome III (glistening violet).

But it's not just the bottle that's cool — these polishes are PACKED with light-reflecting pigment pearls, which means each color will transform on your nails!

According to the site, the collection was inspired by specchio, a laminated leather with a mirrored finish, beloved by Christian Louboutin himself.

Lisa Frank goes luxury!

And the best part? At $30 each, we can ACTUALLY afford these Loubichrome polishes.

I know; $30 for nail polish? But consider that Christian Louboutin's regular nail polish line runs at a hefty $50 a bottle. The designer also launched a limited edition polish, called Starlight, which retailed for $675 back in 2014.

$30 for color changing nail polish doesn't sound so bad all of a sudden, does it?

Luckily for we rainbow unicorn babes, the collection is available right now.

They're selling out FAST, but you can still get them online ($30 each, Net-A-Porter).

Looks like the unicorn craze isn't going anywhere!

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Sorry, haters!!!