Nobody does Halloween like Christina Aguilera — and this year was no exception.

Xtina went ALL OUT with her 2017 Halloween hair and makeup look... and it was truly some rainbow magic.

Christina went all out as a unicorn for Halloween — but we were still unprepared for the full-color majesty of her look.

BEHOLD: LITERAL UNICORN HAIR. Too pastel to clean her act up!

This braided pastel concocotion was styled by Xtina's longtime hair genius Priscilla Valles.

And this rainbow makeup? BEAUTIFUL — no matter what they say.

Words can't bring *this* sparkle down.

christina aguilera unicorn
photo: Etienne Ortega / Instagram

Being totally real, this makeup was definitely made even more amazing with the use of the Kira Kira app — but neon pink eye shadow with bright blue on the lid, then everything coated in baby pink glitter?

Yes. Most definitely.

This look is beautiful, in every single way...

photo: Etienne Ortega / Giphy

Don't you bring her doooooooooown, ooooooh, today.

photo: Etienne Ortega / Giphy

I'll update you when new details of Xtina's unicorrrrn costume emerge — but for now, let's just bask in the beauty of this hair and makeup slay.