As a Very Cool Teen in the early aughts, there was literally no lip color more desirable than the red stain you'd get after eating a cherry Chupa Chup lollipop.

If you — like me — want to recapture your high school look, I have the BEST news. The hard candy you loved back in the day has been turned into literal makeup, and the teenager in me cannot handle it.

Chupa Chups has just launched a legit K-Beauty brand, and the lipsticks are just SO cute.

Believe it or not, these aren't lollipops.

They are the sweetest semi-sheer liquid lipsticks you've ever seen.

Designed to look exactly like the classic suckers, the Chupa Chups Lip Locker come in three colors.

Currently, you can rock the hell out of Orange (bright orange), Strawberry (neon red), and Strawberries and Cream (intense pink). I'm not sure if these lipsticks are flavored or scented, but it seems a safe bet.

And although I don't have official pictures of these yet, according to the site, it looks like shades Peach, Watermelon, and Raspberry are on the way!

According to Instagram, you can either apply the Chupa Chups lip color straight onto your lips with the doe foot applicator for a rich, pigmented shine...

chupa chups beauty korea
photo: Chupa Chups Beauty Korea

... or you can apply a small amount of the color to your finger and tap to apply, for a more subtle, candy-stained flush.

Because who doesn't love one lipstick you can wear a multitude of ways?

You can buy each of these lollipop lipsticks separately or together as a super sweet (and super CHEAP) trio.

Each individual Lip Locker flavor is about $9 USD, with all three available together for around $24.

Unfortunately, the Chupa Chups Beauty line is ONLY carried on the brand's website — and it looks like that site may only ship within Korea. 

So if you really, REALLY need to get your Chupa Chup on, you may have to book a flight. But really, if you're going to travel for beauty, shouldn't it be for totally supreme lollipop lipsticks?

Check out the Chupa Chups Beauty website for more info. You may not be able to buy these pops, but a girl can dream.