photo: Ciate / Instagram

Shine-lovers, rejoice: the nail geniuses at Ciate are releasing the world's first one-coat mirror polish that's so metallic, it can be seen from space.

In a video posted to Instagram, the brand teased a STUNNING chrome polish that's so shiny, you can literally check your reflection in your manicure.

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"One step to beautiful TRUE CHROME reflective nails. No gel, no powder... 3 years in the making and coming very soon..."

Previously, getting chrome nails involved gel polish, curing, then a lot of scrubbing. Definitely not something you could do at home.

And while there are lots of pretty silver polishes out there, none of them have the true reflective shine of chrome.

So this upcoming mirror polish from Ciate could be a life-changer — especially because we'll actually be able to buy it.

photo: Ciate / Instagram

Ciate is carried at Sephora and online — whereas chrome powder is *generally* only available to professional nail artists.

Hello, quicksilver dream!

We'll keep you posted on price and release dates. Because this chrome polish is LIFE.

photo: Ciate / Instagram

I'm going to need enough of this to bathe in, please and thank you.