If you've ever dreamed of having magical, color-changing unicorn hair, today is your lucky day: an actual witch has created the world's first hair dye THAT ACTUALLY CHANGES COLOR ON YOUR HEAD.

My teenage self is losing her mind right now.

Real-life witch and scientist Lauren Bowker has created hair dye that changes color according to the temperature.

She calls this project FIRE, and it will launch at London Fashion Week in collaboration with Storm Models.

Seriously, watch this video. It's real-life magic.

Bowker believes that technology and magic are two sides of the same creative coin.

Did you think I was using the term "witch" as hyperbole? I'm not; Lauren is not just a scientist, she is a real-life, practicing witch. And the two things aren't as disparate as they might seem.

“I have always been into the occults and into mixing stuff,” Bowker told Dazed.

“Old school female chemists and doctors had a really bad time with the church and were depicted as witches... Now the occult has bad connotations of being a dark art and being taboo. When really it’s just a spiritual way of living. To me, chemistry and science is witchcraft — and so it should be.”

This hair dye certainly seems to be actual witchcraft. The model's hair starts out a rich blue-black... but when heat hits it, the color transforms into a million shades of firey red and orange.

Though FIRE seems like some Hogwarts shit, Bowker told Dazed that there's hardcore science behind the way this technology works.

"When heat hits the pigment, or if the cool hits the pigment, it changes the bonds of the chemistry to give you a different color, so it’s like a chemical reaction... it changes its color to temperatures. So we tuned those so that if you're inside you get one color and if you're outside you get another color. If you have red hair and you’re in the wind it might go blue."

Better still, Bowker says that the inspiration for this revolutionary dye came from one of the best teen witch movies ever made: "The Craft."

"6 months ago @ilikegrey and I were watching The Craft and It dawned on me that their world was now! If you can believe it you will see it! And why wouldn't you!?" Lauren wrote on Instagram.

This may be the closest we ever get to a real-life glamour.

photo: Giphy

I mean, I've always been more of a Nancy girl — but if I can change my hair color without the power of three times three, I'm in.

But this is no slumber party illusion — according to Bowker, FIRE is real, and it's for everybody!

"For the sceptics out there - here's a behind the scenes of me just playing in the lab! And before you all start - it is real hair, isn't toxic and it can be done on yours. In any colour. Because we love science and we love innovation and we work hard to make it magick."

And this hair color IS magick — even though we don't know a whole lot about it.

Bowker isn't resting on her laurels — her design house THEUNSEEN is already hard at work creating new magical hair colors. Just yesterday, she shared this #sneakpeek of some upcoming pastels; could this gray-into-rainbow color be ICE?

But before you call your colorist, there are still a lot of unknowns with this dye. We have no idea if we'll be able to use this dye at home, whether it will be for professionals only, or even if it will EVER be available at all.

That sound is my rainbow heart breaking.

But if you want hair color that changes like a mood ring — and isn't that all of us? — this dye is a huge step forward.

Follow THEUNSEEN on Instagram for more amazing videos, and check out the website for more information about this hair color, news, and upcoming projects.

After all, isn't there a little witch in all of us?