Unicorn makeup brushes are about to get a spooky-dope remix just in time for the fall, even though Halloween is still a few months away.

Indie brand Unicorn Cosmetics (formerly "Unicorn Lashes") announced on Monday that it will release a Halloween-themed version of its viral unicorn brushes. And we're already freaking out — because these goth babies can do a magic trick.

The new unicorn brush set will actually change colors when you touch it. Yes, it's actual magic.

The brushes will initially have this cool metallic charcoal color along the horn-shaped handle.

(The brush design is really chic. Metallic anything always has a way of looking sophisticated.)

But with the heat of your hand, they will turn into this equally gorgeous metallic bronze color.

photo: Giphy

Isn't it so pretty?! And couldn't you just play around with this brush all day?

Watch the unicorn brush undergo its full transformation in the sneak peek video posted by the brand.

Just glorious.

Even though there's no concrete release date, when your package does arrive, the Halloween theme will be in full effect — the brush set comes with a coffin-shaped bag.

People are understandably freaking out about these magical brushes on social media.

photo: Giphy

They are sharing requests for new designs, lamenting their wallet sizes, and practically keeling over from pure joy. 

"I wish i knew about these before I bought the royale collection. I'm not made of money," one user wrote on Instagram

Another fan wrote, "You guys should go ahead and just take my info and precharge my card every time you come up with a new idea." I concur. 

"Oh wait, wait, wait, glow in the dark, you gotta make glow in the dark ones!!!????????????" someone else wrote on Facebook. 

double concur. 

We don't know when the soul-snatching ideas will slow up with Unicorn Cosmetics, but we're all crying happy unicorn tears over this new set and hoping that day never, ever comes.