ColourPop Blue Moon Palette
photo: Instagram/TrendMood1

Two months ago, Jeffree Star dropped his highly anticipated Blue Blood palette. The launch flew off of the digital shelves almost instantly, and makeup brands everywhere were rushing to create their own variations. Few have truly been able to excite the masses the way Blue Blood has, but that's all about to change. 

ColourPop just launched a nine-shade monochromatic blue palette that's about to give Star a serious run for his money. It's pigmented, a fraction of the price, and is the spot-on dupe people have been waiting for. 

ColourPop has done it again. 

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The affordable, all-about-color makeup brand just launched an exciting new palette that's right on time.

"Blue Moon Palette! We've been working overtime to get you our first ever monochromatic BLUE PALETTE! AVAILABLE NOW ON OUR WEBSITE or TAP TO SHOP THROUGH INSTAGRAM," the brand announced in an Instagram post. 

The $12 palette is available now on ColourPop.

The palette shares a striking resemblance to another recent release. 

While Jeffree Star in no way created blue palettes, or eye shadow, his recent Blue Blood release has created quite the buzz within the beauty community. Blue is being seen in makeup, particularly shadows, more than ever before. But for those who like makeup that comes with less controversial makers, or is simply just more affordable, this the perfect dupe. 

But that's not the only blue ColourPop has to offer this season. 

"A couple other blues you should keep your eye on if you're a fan of the Blue Moon Palette," ColourPop said, showing off some of the vibrant blue Super Shock shadows. 

The shades include the fan-favorites OMG I'm Wet Glitterally Obsessed, Coconut Super Shock Shadow, Just Your Voice Jelly Shadow, and The Water Bearer Loose Pigment.

The potential looks are endless. 

Who said monochromatic has to be boring? Surely not us! Use the colors for a light blue lid with smoked out navy, or simply add some flair to under the eye with a smudge of pigment. Whatever you choose, we're positive the Blue Moon Palette will be the perfect new addition to your makeup stash. 

And social media agrees, Twitter has erupted into excitement following the launch. 

People are buying both Star's palette and ColourPop's.

"Tell me why I bought this even though I have a Blue Blood Palette. I have a problem," a clear eye shadow fan said about purchasing both products despite their resemblance. But you know what we say, you can really never have too much blue. 

This isn't ColourPop's first rodeo with blue palettes. 

"So you think I'll buy another blue based palette from colourpop even though i haven't used the previous blue 'wet palette'? Yes I will. Get my credit card babayy," an eager fan said about being ready to buy the Blue Moon palette despite not using her previous blue purchase. 

However, others want a palette with a different color scheme.

"It's soo weird I had been mentally prepared for a yellow pallet cause the people have beeeeen asking for it... Definitely getting this but do give the people YELLOW," another buyer said. Fans have long been asking ColourPop for a yellow monochromatic palette to use. What better time than now for summer?

One fan had a brilliant idea. 

How about all of ColourPop's colorful palettes in one massive collection? 

"These are amazing. I want the whole rainbow. Thats what you should call all the pallets when we are able to buy them as a collection. 'The whole rainbow' Or 'rainbow squad,'" a fan suggested. 

The new launch comes not long after the watermelon-themed collection. 

"You literally just released the watermelon palette and you’re already onto the blue! Wow we love queens always supplying the new releases," someone said, praising ColourPop for always giving us an array of product to work with. 

But some are holding out until ColourPop answers their wishes. 

ColourPop may want to hurry up, the people are getting impatient. 

"This is beautiful, but I'm not ordering anything else from colourpop until they come out with a yellow palette," a very assertive fan said. 

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