YouTuber Kathleen Fuentes (KathleenLights) has collaborated with ColourPop several times. Almost every time she does, it's a best-seller, making her one of the brand's most notable influencers. However, ahead of her upcoming launch, many are reminding customers about Fuentes' fairly controversial past. And rightfully so; she's admittedly used racial slurs before, and it was all documented. 

So with a week until her new zodiac-inspired makeup launch hits the digital shelves, it poses the question: Why do brands continue to collaborate with problematic beauty influencers?

This is Kathleen Fuentes, also known by her YouTube moniker Kathleen Lights.

The 27-year-old has a YouTube following of more than 4 million subscribers and more than 2 million followers on Instagram. She's collaborated with brands such as KL Polish and Ofra Cosmetics.

And after several ColourPop collabs, she's just announced yet another.

"SURPRISE!!!!!!!!! ♒️We’re celebrating my bday with a new @colourpopcosmetics Collection!!! Check out the new video on my channel to see all the zodiac loose pigments swatched on my hand!!! THESE ARE BOMBBBBBB," Fuentes said on her Instagram. 

The release will feature loose shimmers inspired by astrology.

"New formula, who dis? ???? Not ONLY do these loose pigments have a whole new look, they are also completely reformulated! More opacity, better adhesion, AND longer wear?!? WHATS NOT TO LOVE!!" ColourPop wrote about the brand new launch and brand new formula.

And for the most part, the launch seems pretty impressive. 

The swatches prove to be super vibrant and adhere to the skin as promised.

But it's not the formula that's causing concern. It's Fuentes herself.

If you recall, in 2017, after a night of socializing with Jaclyn Hill, Fuentes found herself in the hot seat. And one decision was documented for millions to see on Hill's Snapchat.

After allegedly having a few too many drinks, Fuentes used the N-word while rapping along to music. 

kathleen lights n word
photo: Twitter/yesimsophie

The video blew up across social media, and Fuentes found herself losing fans and losing respect from many who once admired her. That must have been quite a night. 

Of course, like every other influencer who's had a controversial stint lie this one, she apologized on social media. 

"I believe in equality & I've always stood by that. I know I've apologized 100 times but I just want everyone to know I truly feel terrible. I will do what I can from this point on to prove to those who doubt me that I am not that person & all I can hope is that you'll give me a chance," she wrote at the time.

She said she tries to be an example to her fans. 

She claimed she was shocked at herself for using such a word, however many argued that the ease by which it came out of her mouth suggested that it wasn't Fuentes' first time shouting the word with such confidence.

Hill, who was heavily criticized for posting the video, claimed she never heard Fuentes say the slur while recording. 

She said their laughter prevented her from hearing the slur yelled before posting the Snapchat update. At that point Jeffree Star got involved, and of course it became even more dramatic.

Hill also apologized to Fuentes directly.

Jaclyn Hill apology to Kathleen Fuentes tweets.
photo: Twitter/JaclynHill

Is it all coming back to you now? Fuentes' problematic past has lead some to wonder why brands continue to collaborate with her. But hey, that's not our decision, and if you've chosen to forgive Fuentes for her actions, then keep on scrolling for the rest of her collection. 

Drama aside, Fuentes' fans are still salivating over her makeup looks using this new collection.

Fuentes created a full face of ColourPop to show off the Aries-inspired shimmer, a reflective yellow. "Where are all my Aries at? Comment below your fav thing about being an Aries & your least fav thing!" she wrote. 

The shimmery eye shadows come in 12 different shades. 

All are named after the 12 zodiac symbols: The Anchor, The Scorpion, The Scales, The Maiden, The Lion, The Crab, The Twins, The Bull, The Ram, The Fish, The Water Bearer, and The Goat.

And of course, the shimmers come at a low ColourPop price. 

They're $6 a piece or $70 for the complete set of 12. They will be available January 31. So if you're looking for some self-adhering glitter, this is for you. 

*Sips tea*

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We are so tired of having this conversation over and over again. No matter how long ago it happened.