Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the baddest of them all? What a year Disney is having. After a wild 2018 of makeup collection after makeup collection, things don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. And while the sweet princesses have received most of the attention, the villains are finally getting the recognition they deserve. 

And it's so surreal that in our childhood, these were the same characters we hated. Now we get them, can relate to some of their moods, and we often prefer their shade. So if you're feeling a lot more Cruella than Cinderella lately, these swatches from ColourPop's Disney Villain collection will leave you inspired. 

Last week, ColourPop launched its Disney Villains collection. 

The makeup line inspired by those Disney characters we love to hate is one of ColourPop's biggest ones yet. It's filled with everything but complexion products and has shimmer, bright colors, and all the things our favorite Disney villains would love. 

The colors of the massive collection are freakishly vibrant and have left everyone begging to see it in action.

The first thing I do when I get new makeup is take the color straight to my arms and hands. I twist my arms back and forth to see how it reflects the light, dying over the pigments. And when it comes to ColourPop, there's never not a time that I'm not flocking to test.

But luckily, ColourPop has done some of that swatching for us. 

This metallic blue color will literally make you gag. "poor unfortunate souls ???? Featuring: Just Your Voice Jelly Much Shadow," the brand shared with this swatch on Instagram. The hue is oh-so reminiscent of the blue tint of Ursula's skin, but so much more glamourous. 

How could you not be obsessed with all these colors? 

"Come to the dark side ???? #DisneyVillainsAndColourpop Jelly Much Shadows (l-r): Cursed, I Own You, Not Today, Perfectly Wretched, Spindle, Just Your Voice," the brand wrote. And of course, the eyes aren't the only place you can apply this formula; channel your inner Rihanna with colorful highlights. 

It's making us want to spend all of our money.

And the Evil Queen would surely call you a fool if you don't get this collection ASAP. It's filled with a palette, highlighters, shadows, lipsticks, and glosses. All of which are completely swatch-able. 

Another one of our faves is the Spindle Jelly pigment. 

It's a cool-toned lavender with a champagne gold flip.The pigment glows beautifully on deeper skin tones, and we're dying to apply it as a highlight. Even more fun, all of these shades can easily glide on skin with just the fingers. Low-maintenance makeup is a must. 

And leave it to Trend Mood to give us the swatches we really needed! 

Like, what is life? Even if dramatic makeup isn't your thing, there's no denying that this glitter is unreal. And while we enjoyed the princess collection, the villain collection is proving to be so much more fun. 

Why does being evil have to feel so good?

We might have to turn our lives over to a path of mischief if it means being able to wear collections like this all the time. While soft shades are always a must, these sassy and more out-the-box colors are perfect for those days or nights that you feel like spicing it up. 

And about those lipsticks ...

The smooth matte formula shades are inspired by Dr. Facilier, Hades, Evil Queen, Ursula, Maleficent, and Cruella. But unlike the other products, they take a much more subtle approach to channeling the characters. Here you'll find reds, plums, browns, and nudes. 

Just ask the experts, this collection is it

You can create just about every look under the sun, or under the sea if you're channeling your inner Ursula. The full collection is available now on