If you love unique makeup brushes, glitter, and being totally extra — this is the news you've been waiting for.

Proudly presenting indie makeup brush line Cosmic Brushes. This brand has gotten Instagram-famous literally overnight for it's astonishingly creative range of glitter-handled makeup brushes — and something tells me you're going to need every. Single. One.

Cosmic Brush's glitter-filled makeup brushes are nothing short of hypnotic magic.

Each brush handle is filled with multicolored glitter suspended in what looks like a mid-weight oil. This allows the sparkles to drift more slowly down the handle — if these brushes were full of water, the glitter would just slosh around inside.

Just LOOK at these rose gold brushes! They're so popular, the brand can't keep them in stock.

Blood Moon blusher brush (around $20, Cosmic Brushes)

Are you more of a sparkly mermaid? Bam. Blue mermaid glitter brushes.

Two-tone blushes brush in Comet (around $20, Cosmic Brushes).

Die-hard unicorn stans will live and die, then live again, for the Night Star brush collection — a range of multicolored, glitter-filled brushes with rainbow ferrules.

(around $20 each, Cosmic Brushes)

And if you're a goth queen, you're going to be OBSESSED with the Black Hole brush set. Red-tipped black bristles and matte black glitter, swirling around like some Dementor noise? YES. TAKE ALL MY MONEY.

This set of five synthetic brushes is available for pre-order right now (around $52, Cosmic Brushes).

If you live for Halloween (and Harry Potter references), prepare to freak the hell out over the Bellatrix brushes.

These brushes come in your choice of five styles, and are filled with BAT-SHAPED GLITTER (around $15 each, Cosmic Brushes).

For those times you need your highlight to shine like an enchanted jewel, Cosmic Brushes has a line of magical fan brushes.

(around $23 each, Cosmic Brushes).

This is *pure* glitter porn. Barbie, eat your heart out.

This rainbow matte combo-glitter is inside the Aurora line of brushes, which comes in your choice of five styles (around $15 each, Cosmic Brushes).

Cosmic Brushes is a London-based indie brand which ships worldwide — and all the brushes have been custom-created by magical genius Fay Rochelle.

Fay, who also creates enamel pins and makeup bags through her Etsy store, came up with the idea for makeup brushes with glitter-filled handles — and has registered the design with the Intellectual Property Office.

So if you want to get your hands on the most glittery, sparkly, over-the-top makeup brushes in the entire world — there's only one place you can get them.

Check out Cosmic Brushes to see absolutely EVERYTHING this unique and creative brand has to offer.