Meet Antonio Garza. She's a YouTuber with 3 million subscribers and counting and is known mostly for videos about makeup and her life as a high school student. You're probably about to fall in love with her because she just pulled off one of the funniest (albeit slightly alarming) makeup looks of all time. 

If you're one of those people who have Big Yee Haw Energy and loves to use the cowboy emoji at every chance possible, this is the one makeup video you 100% absolutely need to see this month. Behold the real-life cowboy emoji.

Before I run down this truly stunning video, let me set the mood with some music:

Because YEE — and I cannot stress this enough — HAW. What you're about to see is maybe one of the greatest displays of meme appreciation you'll see in all of 2019. Lil Nas' iconic track "Old Town Road" is pretty much responsible for the internet's newfound love of cowboy culture, so this is utterly necessary.

Of course, Garza has to begin her emoji transformation by cutting and gluing on a bald cap.

Emoji (or most of them, anyway) don't have hair, after all. Garza went to such lengths as cutting off the ear portion of this bald cap before sadly realizing that the cowboy emoji also doesn't have ears. Oh, well — that didn't deter her.

The next step in this makeup routine was to make her eyebrows completely disappear.

And just like drag queens and people who have facial hair to cover, she did that by laying down a thick base of glue, red color corrector, and white concealer. Once it was all blended out, it was time to move on to the most important feature of the cowboy emoji: that yellow emoji skin.

Just seeing Garza in full-faced yellow makeup was funny enough as it was.

It's at this point you're probably wondering, "Why? Just... why?" Garza can tell you.

“[I thought to myself,] what is one thing i like to use… the cowboy emoji in every single text message," Garza joked at the start of the video. “My love for the cowboy emoji goes beyond materialistic items. My love for the cowboy emoji is spiritual, emotional, physical, and emotional on a whole new level that you locals cannot even comprehend."

But once the eyes went on, the look went from funny to a little bit creepy.

If you can't imagine this sallow-eyed yellow creature breaking through your windows to haunt your dreams at night, then you and I have very, VERY different fears. I'm not afraid of much, but half-complete yellow emoji creatures are one of them thanks to this video.

After Garza carved out the eyes with concealer and drew on that unwavering smile, the look was officially compete.

And I'm definitely not the only one left kind of horrified by the final result. Here are just a few choice comments from a Reddit thread about this video:

"Literally my sleep paralysis demon making a YouTube video in my room while me sleeping."

"Thanks, I hate it."

"Well, that's terrifying. She's a human Momo."

Everyone, sing it with me now: I GOT THEM HORSES IN THE BACK...

I truly don't know if I can just continue normally about my day after this, and that's why I needed to write this post. Sorry for potentially ruining or making your day with this very polarizing makeup look.

Watch the full transformation here and just try not to burst out laughing.

Or, crying... probably a little bit of both.