This is Rady Kovacova, a beauty vlogger from London. 

She's mostly known for her beauty DIYs and makeup tutorials on her Instagram and YouTube channels.

Kovacova is going viral right now for creating concealer out of crayons — but you probably shouldn't try it at home.

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She uploaded this DIY to Instagram, and I am SHOOK. She wrote, "when you run out of concealer but pay day is too far away."

Kovacova even admitted she was shocked by how well the homemade concealer turned out. She suggests storing it in the fridge and applying it with a beautyblender. She also says the concealer is hydrating and doesn't crease. But, uh...

Crayons are straight-up wax, and they're made for paper — not for your face.

That stuff will clog your pores in ways you never thought imaginable. If you're running low on concealer, just thicken up your foundation with setting powder. 

Keep the crayons for coloring and the real makeup for dark circles. 

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I can't believe we're even having this conversation.