DeAndre Arnold Oscars
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We're pretty certain that when Texas teen DeAndre Arnold went public with his story of being threatened with not being able to walk at his high school graduation unless he cut his dreads, he wasn't expecting such a huge reaction. His story has triggered a national outcry, with celebrities and petitioners calling for new rules across the country for natural hair. Now weeks after he captured the country's attention, he hit the red carpet for the 2020 Oscars, and it was a celebration that was well deserved. 

Check it out. 

DeAndre Arnold just had quite the weekend. 

Oscars weekend just passed, and DeAndre Arnold, the Texas teen who was threatened with not being able to walk at his high school graduation if he didn't cut off his dreads was in the middle of all of it. His weekend kicked off with a star-studded dinner with the Hair Love team, who invited him to Los Angeles for the festivities. 

"Great times at our #HairLove pre-Oscar dinner sponsored by @Dove. We showed Deandre and his family a lot of love. Thanks for coming through Senator @HollyJMitchell@DwyaneWade & @itsgabrielleu. Can’t wait for tomorrow. #Oscars," director of the film Matthew Cherry tweeted about the dinner. 

And Gabrielle Union who played a huge part in the recognition of Arnold says time with the teenager was a highlight of her weekend. '"Best part of our weekend!! Humbled and proud to witness this kind of culture shifting greatness up close. All and praise!!! #HairLove #Oscars2020," she tweeted. 

The Hair Love team made sure that he and his mom would be completely red carpet ready. 

And that included some Hollywood-level styling. "Getting #Oscar ready and having the time of his life! This kid is gonna look like a million bucks on the #red carpet tomorrow night! #DeAndresJourney #abc13 #dove #HairLove #paulsmith @MatthewACherry @13PhotogNoe," television anchor Chauncy Glover said of assisting Arnold to get ready for the star-studded evening. 

And they looked amazing. 

Deandre Arnold Oscars
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Hitting the carpet with his mother, Cherry, and the film's illustrator, Karen Toliver, Arnold was dressed to the nines with a slick black suit with metallic blue accents. His mother, a vision, wore a beautiful gown in a corresponding color and carried an understated silver clutch. 

Of course, Arnold's dreadlocks were in pristine condition. 

DeAndre Arnold Oscars
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The hairstyle, which had been rejected by his school district, was truly embraced when he hit that red carpet.

And he may be a good luck charm, because Hair Love took home the win. 

Maybe Cherry should keep Arnold around past last night's awards. Hair Love took home the Oscar for the best animated short film, and fans are going wild. The significance of the film's win paired with Arnold's powerful story made the weekend one to remember.