demi lovato
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They say that a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. And after a year full of changes for Demi Lovato, that couldn't be more true. On the heels of her release from rehab, and once again committing to her physical and mental health, Lovato chose to switch up her hair, and we are gagging. The superchic, now all-black hair do' is exactly what she needed for a fresh start. 

So if you're looking for some spring hair inspo, or just want to admire how perfect Lovato is, check it out. 

When it comes to hair, Demi Lovato likes to keep it simple. 

She doesn't switch it up much with her hair. She likes to keep her hair healthy, long, and for the most part brown all the time. We live for her straight part with soft waves or bone-straight look. It's basically become her signature look. 

Brown is her go-to hair color. 

Whether it's her long extensions or more natural length, chocolate is clearly Lovato's comfort zone, and we love it. Never have we ever seen her locks look anything but healthy, and much of that we credit to her color consistency. 

But of course there was that one time when she gave us blonde realness. 

It didn't last long, but we loved it for the moment. The almost bleach blonde highlights and color were the perfect look for summertime and gave us something fresh and new for Lovato. The one thing we've never seen before, however, is the star with something short and chic. 

Unless you count that tour promo.

The vibe was more Edna Mode than high-fashion icon, but you get the point. When it comes to what we look forward to seeing the changes in, it's her wardrobe, makeup, and so on, not really her hair. But all of that changed when she took to the gram to show that she had chopped it all off. We are stanning. 

Leave it to celebrity hairstylist Alchemist Amber to give Lovato a springtime cut. 

The master of scissors worked her magic on Lovato and the result was nothing short of amazing. And though many people like to let the extensions out to play during the summer, to show off their beach waves, we must say, we're inspired by this to cut it all off. 

The "before" pic was a photo of her long brown locks.

The look that we're all so very used to. The lush, healthy, midlength hair was all prepped and ready for transformation. "This was without extensions y'all, it got so long!" she said in the post. Like we said, Lovato has mastered strong locks and length retention. 

The result was something so chic and so, so springtime. 

The blunt cut revealed next was everything. It was all parts chic, sassy, simple, and edgy. Completely even across the back, she also took the color jet black, the ultimate bad-bitch hair color. 

Lovato was clearly feeling herself. 

You know you're feeling it when you hit 'em with the filters. Am I right? With a little extra length on the sides, she gave us asymmetric realness. Did we mention that she also served a little face? Yep, this look gave her all of the feels.

Then she hit us with the angles. 

A little smize, Demi? Keep the selfies coming! Though she hasn't posted out and about wearing the new look, we can't wait to see her rocking it. The Met Gala is coming up — will she and this new bob be there?

New hair, who dis?

After all Lovato has been dealing with in the past year, this is looking like a fresh start. We're always rooting for the recovering star, and it's wonderful to see her doing well. What's next Demi? Maybe a little color to spice it up?