Meet Kat and Hailey. They're a couple of beauty bloggers from Australia with a YouTube channel called Beauty News.

You're going to hate them. Then you're going to love them.

These vloggers have an entire YouTube series called The Makeup Breakup.

Which is entirely dedicated to destroying all of your favorite makeup, along with your soul.

And NO PRODUCT — no matter how hard to get — is safe.

No no no no NO.

Hear that sound? It's my heart shattering into a million pieces.

You can repair this Dior highlighter with alcohol, but you can't mend a broken heart with it.

On second thought...

And I know you probably want to start a riot over this destruction, but it actually serves a purpose.

They destroy the internet's most popular products to show you what it takes to put them back together.

That way you know whether or not it's a good idea to repair your broken powders with alcohol.

Which is really useful in the event that, oh, I don't know, your limited-edition highlighter palette arrives shattered due to poor shipping practices.

Looking at you, Sephora.

Really, we should be thanking these two.

Because they're answering a question we dread asking: My shit's broken. What do I do now?

And, not going to lie, it IS pretty satisfying to watch.

So keep destroying stuff, Kat and Hailey.

The world will thank you for it... once they've cooled off, that is.

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