I remember when I was younger, and my parents would take me and my brother to Disney World. There was so much to do, from the unlimited rides to endless food. However, what we wanted most was to pose for a caricature drawing. Crazy, right? For some, maybe, but there was always something so magical about seeing myself through someone else's lens.

So when a doll maker known as Hex began creating dolls based on pop-culture figures, social media was fascinated and so was I. Yet again, I was witnessing an artist's imagination in real time, and I couldn't get enough. So from Jessica Rabbit to Edna Mode to even Elsa, these are the incredible dolls that have art lovers going crazy. 

Hex is a master doll maker. 

The drag master and brilliant constructionist is responsible for some of the coolest dolls we've ever seen. He began his rise to YouTube stardom in June 2012, when he published a debut video called "How to Make Spiked/Studded Shoes DIY." Now he uses his skills to transform cartoons, Bratz dolls, and even YouTubers into three-dimensional pieces of art. 

And people have noticed. With more than 700,000 subscribers on YouTube, Hex's designs are well viewed and well loved. His video "How to make a Harley Quinn Doll" earned close to 4 million views while his "How to make an Ino Yamanaka Doll" video earned 2 million views in just days. 

Ahead, check out some of Hextian's most iconic dolls as well as the tutorials where he shows you exactly how to re-create the transformations. 

Betty Boop:

"Betty Boop is here, and she still got it! I am so excited to share this custom doll because I think she is so cute, and it is my first Kuu Kuu Harajuku Custom. You guys should really check out Betty's cartoons because they are so creative and entertaining! Thank you so much and I hope you guys like her!" Hextian wrote describing the intricate and mesmerizing doll adjustment.

Edna Mode:

In celebration of the release of The Incredible 2, Hex showed off his skills with a new doll inspired by everyone's favorite scientist and designer, Edna Mode. He created a step-by-step video hand-making everything from her blunt black bob all the way to those fabulous round glasses, making the resemblance almost totally uncanny.

Cruella De Vil:

"I am so excited (like always) to show you guys my first Barbie Silkstone repaint. I have been wanting a Cruella-inspired silkstone doll, and because the Barbie collectors fit the silkstone bodies quite well, I thought of making my own version of Cruella. I really love Glenn's portrayal of Cruella, but here is a younger take on her!" he said of transforming the vintage doll into the Disney villain. 

Jessica Rabbit:

Fans still can't get enough of the sultry customization, which has 4 million views and counting. 

"'I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way.' Yessica Wabbit is here to give you guys a show! I am so hyped about the new Vladonna doll made by Pearl, and the characters that she can become is endless! Our first Vladonna custom is Jessica Rabbit! I love how iconic she was, and she was also a definition of bombshell besides the OG Marilyn Monroe!" Hextian said about decorating the already exaggerated doll. 


"So I wanted to give it a go with Emma Watson's Belle. I know that the internet went crazy over her Justin Bieber curse, and I knew it had to be broken. It took a few trial and errors until I was happy with her face, but it was quite challenging to make her more feminine. I think the major problem is her forehead. This was not meant to completely look like Emma. I was just inspired by her, but it was still my take on Belle," he said of the incredible doll metamorphosis.

So what's next?

As much as we love Disney transformations like the ones above and this brilliant Elsa creation, we'd personally love to see a doll inspired by newer movies such as Black Panther, the new Aladdin live-action film, and Coco

If you want to see these amazing creations for yourself, Hex's YouTube page has dozens of videos showing the process of doll-making from beginning to end, along with every single product you need to make it happen.