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It seems like every damn time there's a cool K-Beauty product OR Disney-themed product, it's either wildly expensive or not sold in your area.

But not this time.

K-Beauty brand The Face Shop collaborated with Disney to make a line of Disney princess sheet masks, and you can *actually* buy them.

The brand's official Amazon store ships just about anywhere — and fast. PRAISE.

Little Mermaid Hydrating Face Mask Two-Pack ($8, Amazon)

Not only are they actually attainable, at $8 a pop, they're cheap as HELL.

Sleeping Beauty Recovery Mask Two-Pack ($8, Amazon)

They come in packs of two, and promise to give you the glowing complexion of the princess of your choice.

Snow White Brightening Face Mask Two-Pack ($8, Amazon)

If you can't choose, you can buy the entire pack for $14.

Don't worry, they didn't forget about your hair. There's a mask for that, too.

Rapunzel Hair Mask Two-Pack ($15, Amazon)

They also made a foot mask inspired by Cinderella because seriously, how did her feet survive those glass slippers.

Cinderella's Glass Shoes Foot Mask Two-Pack ($9, Amazon)

Princesses not your thing? You're in luck.

Mickey Never Aging Face Mask Two-Pack ($8, Amazon)

Because there's a little something for everyone in this collection.

Winnie the Pooh Honey Pot Moisturizing Face Mask Two-Pack ($8, Amazon)

Even you, Pixar fanatics.

Mike Monstrous Moisturizing Face Mask Two-Pack ($8, Amazon)

Now, if only there were cute little animals to put all this stuff on for you....

photo: Giphy

Sigh. One day.

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