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However! Just because you technically CAN perm your lashes at home doesn't mean that you SHOULD — it's really dangerous!

Any time you put chemicals near your eyes, you are running some major risks — infections, retinal burns, even blindness. You can lessen that risk by going to a professional, but can't eliminate it altogether — plus lash perms have not been approved by the FDA. So keep that in mind.

And if the Food and Drug Administration thinks that this chemical process is too dangerous for trained professionals to do, it is FOR SURE a TERRIBLE idea for you to do yourself. I am very glad this Redditor wasn't hurt as she did her lashes, but that's no guarantee that you wouldn't be. You only get two eyes — don't take risks with them!

This is basically a very elaborate beauty-related game of Would You Rather.

WOULD YOU RATHER: perm your eyelashes and risk going blind, BUT have curly eyelashes for six to eight weeks... OR spend three seconds curling your eyelashes in the morning and all you have to worry about is poking your contacts with the mascara wand?

I mean, I'll stick with my trusty eyelash curler. I have the the NARS Eyelash Curler ($20, NARS Cosmetics) which I like a lot, and also the Sephora Collection Curler with the pink pads ($17, Sephora). I use one of these two every day, then apply two coats of mascara, and I am happy with the curl quality of my eyelashes.

Would you ever consider getting a lash perm, IF it was safe and affordable?

Nobody tell me you'd DIY an eyelash lift at home, because I will get very upset. Anyway. Let me know in the comments, or over on Facebook!