Dove Covid campaign
photo: Instagram/Dove

When people are looking for a brand that uplifts those of all different backgrounds, races, sizes, and abilities, they usually turn to Dove. The always-inclusive beauty powerhouse has set the bar high when it comes to empowering campaigns, and now they're proving it again with a tribute to our country's healthcare workers. 

Ahead, check out the video being seen all over the world that's praising those fighting this terrible virus.

Leave it to Dove to create another dynamic campaign.

Known for its inclusivity and thoughtfulness in campaigns, Dove has done it yet again. This time, the beauty powerhouse is highlighting those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic: the healthcare workers risking their lives to save patients. The touching video features photos of nurses and doctors, faces bruised, dented, and scarred from extensive use of masks, as they try to protect themselves from the incredibly infectious virus.

Unilever CEO Alan Jope shared his joy over the campaign.

"The women and men in this ad are on the frontline of the Covid-19 pandemic," he tweeted. "They’re truly heroic, demonstrating self-sacrifice and putting their patients and community first for the greater good. Proud that @Dove is showing that courage and care are beautiful."

Dove is another brand praising those who truly deserve it.

"As Dove is well-recognized for their authentic Real Beauty ads, their newest campaign concentrates on healthcare workers to deliver the message that courage is beautiful—demonstrating how marketing and advertising communications have influence in media during challenging times," someone tweeted about the #CourageIsBeautiful campaign.

The brand is also giving individual praise on its page.

"'Amongst this chaos is community, togetherness, power to help and change,'" they posted ona tribute post on their page. "From a young age @jojopops wanted to look after people. Now, she’s a dedicated and passionate nurse who, since her university course is being cancelled, will be joining many others to care for people in a temporary hospital Especially in times like these, we couldn’t be more grateful to our #HealthCareHeroes. Drop a heart in the comments below to show your support for health workers around the world."

Keep making us proud, Dove.