Dua Lipa Anwar Hadid Manicures
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While 2019 has surely been a year of celebrity breakups, it's also been one of celebrity unions. Take Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid, the 20-something couple whose recent romance has melted hearts everywhere. Whether they're spotted sneaking a smooch during a brisk walk down the streets of Los Angeles, or at one of Hollywood's most upscale and exclusive soirées, their budding love story has already garnered its own fan club of sorts. 

And, well, their latest display of affection has adorers losing it even more: matching manis? We can't take it! 

If we had to rate Hollywood's most chic couples, Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid would definitely be in the top five. 

The chart-topping crooner and her beau, the younger brother of Gigi and Bella Hadid, give us "cool kids in love" vibes. The duo, who have been together since the summer, give or take a few days, aren't too big on the in-your-face approach, but are a daily reminder of the beauty of young Hollywood love.

Well, they just got a whole lot cooler. 

Earlier this week, Lipa took a trip to visit New York City runway nail artist Mei Kawajiri for a fresh gel mani. The simple nude set, with neon geometric shapes in different positions, was the perfect #tbt to summer as the temperatures begin to drop to ungodly temperatures. Who said neon was only for warm months?

But guess who also got a mani? And a matching one at that?

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Yep, Hadid did, and his was even more elaborate and intricate than his stunning girlfriend's! With a different neon color on every finger and the phrase "A Plus" written across, he too gave us tropical vibes with his gel-adorned nail beds. 

Like. does it get any cuter than this? 

Of course, they had to snap a photo of the manicures together to really up the cuteness factor. Matching manis with a man who doesn't believe in the confines of social norms and matches your mani energy? Lipa really found a winner with this one. Hold him tight, girlfriend. 

Stan level on 1,000. 

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Though their romance may still be budding, we have no doubt that this one is for the long haul — or at least we're praying. Keep the matching manis coming!