Dua Lipa manicure
photo: Getty Images

It's safe to say that Dua Lipa has some of the best manicures in Hollywood. The pop star is never spotted without some over-the-top nail art, and for that we stay glued to her Instagram, waiting to see what's next. Well, the stalking of sorts has paid off, and we just witnessed another insane manicure that we have to share with the world. 

If you were one of those kids that used to love stickers, you're going to love this one. 

Following Dua Lipa's manicures is one of our favorite pastimes. 

And just like clockwork, every other week she delivers a nailfie with another creative design. The constant doses of nail inspo are awe-inspiring; sometimes she even coordinates with her boyfriend Anwar Hadid. Remember that talked-about display of affection?

So it's no surprise that her latest mani has everyone buzzing again. 

"KAWAII OVERLOAD for angel," her nail artist wrote about the look that included tons of bright stickers atop a colorful ombré scheme. "Fave nails!!!!" Lipa commented on the photo, clearly just as obsessed as we are. Remember in middle school when we would decorate our binders and folders? This definitely reminds us of those days.

The nails were of course created by UK nail artist Michelle Humphrey, and this isn't their first collaboration.

And when they come together, we can almost always guarantee a bright look, like these adorable neon-yellow nails that included smiley faces throughout. Talk about a way to add sunshine to anyone's day. Smile! 

She also created red jelly nails for Lipa when she appeared at the Cannes Film Festival. 

And Lipa kept it monochromatic, rocking lots of red that week on her body. Yet another vibrant display of manicure magic. 

And who could forget those superchic black-and-white squiggles?

We've been trying to re-create this at home ever since, of course to no avail. But we won't give up until we can make it work, or if not, we'll find someone who can. 

Needless to say, as long as Lipa continues to have such fantastic nail jobs, we'll continue to stan.