Pride parade
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The month of June has arrived, which means it's time to put away those dark polishes and pull out some real color. And with Pride Month in full-swing, we're vibrantly painting the town — and our nails! So as people transform their hair, makeup, and wardrobe into a sea of rainbows, many are rocking those vibrant shades right on their hands. 

For the past week, Instagram has been swarming with brilliant Pride-inspired nail designs, and frankly, we want to try them all. So ahead, we've pulled seven of our favorites that are both mesmerizing and easy to accomplish. They're colorful, they're fun, and most of all, they're all about Pride. 

Amber Porter (@naildbyamber)

Keep it simple and prideful by simply outlining the tips of your nails with an array of colors. Use a simple nude or blush color as the base, and draw a smooth line of color along the sides. If you have shorter, square nails, opt for a colorful French-style manicure that can easily be mastered. 

Pear Nova Nail Lacquer (@pearnova)

Round nails make for amazing rainbow nails, and vegan nail brand Pear Nova knows that best. 

"Summer ready #PrideMonth ready - get this look by @nailartbyjen with #pearnova in Berry Jane, It’s Summer Somewhere, Lemon Drop Logic & My Candy Rain!" the brand said on Instagram. Shop the Pear Nova website to try the colors for yourself. 

 The Galactic Mermaid (@the.galactic.mermaid)

Rainbow tips are always a go-to, and we're obsessed with this supercute, sleek manicure. After creating a rainbow about three-quarters across the tip of the nail, the artist adorned the nail with some star accents for some added flair. Don't worry; if you're not sure that you can pull off the somewhat intricate design freehand, some stencils will make the process painless.

Emily (@dimondsndprls)

Brushes are a must for this rainbow-striped look. 

"Happy pride!!! Inspired by @julieknailsnyc, I tried my hand at recreating her striped #pridenails look. To my surprise, it turned out pretty dang clean! You all know I’m working to improve my steadiness for nail art, and this is a great sign of improvement. Shoutout to my @winstonia_store brushes for getting me though this one. I used a whole lot of colors in this one," the newbie nail designer said. If she can do it, you can too!

Emma Cooper (@emmadoesnails)

Negative space can be so much fun, especially if you do it with color! This fun look has a nude base with a simple stripe going straight down the middle. It's finished off with thumbs in full rainbow mode. 

"I’m loving those juicy stripes. And peep those thumbs," nail artist Emma said on Instagram. 

Sheila (@shenailedit_lv)

Anyone can pull off this easy-to-do art. It's simple, just paint each nail a different rainbow color! 

"SKITTLES. Products Used: @lightelegancehq Smitten | Night Owl | Neon Yellow | Neon Orange | Neon Green @kiaraskynails. No Wipe Top Coat," this nail artist said. 

 Lacquerbar (@lovelacquerbar)

For those who don't want 10 rainbow nails, simply give yourself one or two accent designs. For this adorable mani, the artist started with a lavender base, then added rainbow accents both in the middle and surrounding the perimeter. If this looks a little intimidating, don't worry. Grab a small brush and run the multiple colors into each other for the effortless gradient blend. 

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