Let's admit it: Nail art trends, though entertaining, aren't always the cutest or easiest thing to pull off. In the past few years, we've watched realistic teeth, hair, and even live bugs dominate nail art trends across the internet — not exactly stuff people can or are willing to imitate at home and rock at their next brunch.

But — speaking of brunch — an equally simplistic and cute nail art trend has just begun gaining traction on Instagram, and it's all about eggs. Yes, "egg nails" are going to be the most popular nail trend of summer 2019. Catch a ton of cute options to wear the style below.

Aw yeah — egg nail art is taking over Instagram.

And with good reason. Just look at how cute they are! This manicure by the Instagram account @caitlinsbeautyatbutter is the perfect intro to the trend. Literally, it's just tiny little cartoon eggs painted in white and yellow. Sounds easy enough, right?

And unlike many other nail trends, this one doesn't require help from a nail tech.

All you need to pull of a simpler version of the style is a nude nail polish (or not, if you're into the bare look that's becoming more popular lately), a thick white polish, a muted but light yellow shade, and a top coat. You'll probably also need a nail art brush and maybe a dotting tool if you really want to get into it.

You can easily put your own spin on the look by adding your own background colors.

Instagram user @mi_parun added springtime flair to the egg nail art trend by painting her sunny side ups on top of several different pastel nail polish shades. This is where having an intensely thick and opaque white nail polish on hand becomes extra important.

Even goth queens can get in on the fun by opting for a dark and broody nail art base.

This account by the name @nail_swag delivered potentially our favorite version of the trend — are you really that surprised? — which is laid over a dark, metallic gold base shade. It makes us want to bust out our acetone right the heck now so we can start over with this look.

Of course, those who are too extra to function can take the trend straight to a licensed professional.

Which, by the looks of these major claws, will be more than worth the dough you shell out to participate in the egg nail moment. Instagram user @celestemariewelch truly went the extra mile with what appears to be gel or acrylic extensions and a whole lot of expertly drawn cartoon eggs.

If you or anyone you know keeps nail stamps on hand, now's the time to use 'em.

This seemingly simple egg nail art tutorial by @nailsteria makes the whole process look way easier than it is. They simply use an egg-shaped nail stamp design to make themselves an egg outline that they then fill in with white and yellow polishes.

Are you convinced that you should be trying this nail art yet?

No? Then just take a peek at the sharply drawn egg whites and yolks on this simple yet detailed nail art from Instagram account @grau.aber.bunt, who tried the trend right after the Easter holiday. Come to think of it, why wasn't this trending before Easter? Ugh.

Still no? Add some bacon to the mix!

Another personal favorite, this look from user @20thstorynails adds extra flair with not just an adorable turquoise base shade but also a couple cutesy bacon strips, complete with the fatty center and everything. We're getting hungry just looking at it.

Of course, not every single nail has to look exactly the same.

This nail art follows the very basic idea that nail art should differ from nail to nail. While this person's thumb and middle finger nails feature actual eggs, the rest of her designs include blobs, squiggles, and dots in the same color palette, making it another great way to add some flavor to the plate.

That being said, catch us rocking breakfast-inspired nails all the way through the season.

We're calling it now: Summer 2019 is going to be the Season of the Egg. Be right back, we've got to call our nail techs right away so we can get in on this cuter-than-possible nail art trend. Anyone care to join?

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