Purple hair is that happy medium for those who want to live just a little bit on the edge. 

It's vibrant enough to turn heads yet demure enough not to draw too much attention. And in the past few months, it's become a bit of a viral sensation.

That's why men and women alike are going "eggplant purple."

Whether it's with a few highlights or a full head, the shade is not only being seen more often but is also being made easier to achieve.

And while we know that the first thing that comes to mind is probably the emoji, not the fruit, the true color of "eggplant purple hair" resembles more of the latter. 

The dark color is sexy and mysterious yet often comes with a long coloring process, especially for dark hair that requires lightening.

One brand is making going purple without lightening or damaging the hair completely possible, even if you have naturally dark hair.

That's right. OverTone recently launched a deep treatment that can turn brown hair purple in just 15 minutes while deep-conditioning the hair shaft. 

And no, it's not a dye. 

It's a color-depositing conditioner with super pigments of purple packed with spearmint, avocado, and coconut oil. All of the ingredients are non-damaging and contain no lightening agents.

OverTone recently launched a purple color-depositing treatment specifically for brown hair. 

While most color-depositing treatments only work with light hair, the new OverTone product makes turning dark brown hair to purple a breeze. 

So, what is a color-depositing conditioner?

It's a deep hydrating conditioner — like a hair mask, almost — that contains a small amount of pigment used to either preserve and amplify color-treated or natural hair or neutralize unwanted brassy tones.

So if you've been dreaming of going purple without bleach, it looks like your wishes have been granted. 

Brown-haired people are often left out when it comes to color that doesn't require dye. "It's hard to see cool-toned colors (like purple, blue, or green) when applied over brown hair, so we doubled the warm pigments!" OverTone wrote on Instagram.

It also works on curls!

So for all of those natural girls out there dying to have eggplant hair, your curls won't be compromised in the process of going purple. 

And lucky for us, there are tutorials out there that walk us through exactly how to use it. 

Using disposable gloves, apply the treatment generously to wet hair. For even brighter results, use on dry hair. Wait 10–15 minutes and rinse clean. It's really that easy! Just make sure not to let it spill on your tile floors or carpet.

So join the crowd! If you're not a fan, you can just wait for it to wash out on its own.

"OverTone equates to semi-permanent, which means it'll fade with every wash & ~usually~ comes out completely over time, but everyone's hair holds color differently. With any OverTone product, continue use for color maintenance and discontinue use to begin fading," the brand claims. 

And if your hair is blonde, there's also a purple treatment for you.

"No bleach in sight thanks to extreme purple deep treatment, which is pigmented enough to deposit color on medium blonde strands."

And it works just as well.

Of course, any "fashion hair color" is going to show brighter on hair that's naturally light or has been chemically lightened — that's just scientific fact. If you want something vibrant or pastel and you have dark hair, it's best to get it lightened over time by a professional.

Still, the purple for brown hair treatment is a damn good alternative.

So what are you waiting for? Purple hair awaits. 

The OverTone Purple Deep Treatment is available now for $29, and the Extreme Purple Conditioner is available for $18.