No matter how much we love makeup or how great we become at applying it, there are *still* some struggles we all have from time to time.

Mastering perfectly straight winged eyeliner is one of them. Not every flawless cat eye you step out with was won on the first try, right?

E.l.f. Cosmetics is out to halt those multiple attempts with a product meant to make achieving a bomb eye look way easier!

Say hello to e.l.f.'s new Line and Define eye tape ($2, e.l.f. Cosmetics). 

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The strips ($2, e.l.f. Cosmetics) are meant to "create a barrier" between your skin and your the rest of your makeup so you can create the straight, angled line for your perfect winged liner.

Each packet comes with two sheets that have 40 total strips that are a little over two inches long.

Just when you think e.l.f. Cosmetics can't drop anything else cooler or more practical, it delivers.

Just apply the "skin-safe" makeup tape exactly where you want your eyeliner to go. 

Once the e.l.f. tape is applied and pressed, start the angling!

This looks so freaking easy.

When you're all done and you lift the tape, your cat eye should be clean, crisp, and ready to slay!

No bleeding through the tape and now squiggly imperfections! 

Now you can stop scrambling for the office tape that's never where you thought you last put it, and just keep these strips close to your makeup bag!

You will find the e.l.f. makeup tape at e.l.f. Studio stores and on the brand's official website ONLY until further notice.

"Our newer items may not be in retail stores for a few months after release," the brand informed fans on its Instagram page. "You can find these on our site or in our e.l.f. Studio Stores."

Who's ready to get these strips and serve a bomb cat eye LEWK?

Merry cat eyes for us all!

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