You know who's a completely underrated beauty icon? Elle Fanning.

Though she's rightfully known mostly for her acting chops, she's also got some unleashed talent in the hair and makeup departments. If you haven't added her to your list of celebs to follow merely for the aesthetic inspiration, you ought to.

Her brand new hair is proof.

So Elle Fanning's hair used to look like this, right?

Well it doesn't anymore.

photo: Giphy

She just took her signature long, blonde waves...

And dyed them DUSTY PASTEL PINK.

Look how cute!

It matches her glasses and her rosy cheeks, oh my god

She called the look "Princess Bubblegum" on Instagram, which I sincerely hope is a reference to Bubblegum Princess from "Adventure Time."

photo: Giphy

Either way, Bubblegum would be proud of Fanning's new 'do.

And while we're on the subject of pride, can we talk about how many looks Fanning actually serves on a regular basis?

First of all, THOSE BROWS THO.

Sure, she's usually rocking a minimal base or nothing but a red lip...

But she can pull out any look she wants when the time calls.

No wonder she's a L'Oreal ambassador.

Anyway, this has been today's piece of much needed Elle Fanning beauty appreciation.

photo: Giphy

Please carry on about your day now.