Ever since the Silisponge burst onto the makeup scene, the entire world has been OBSESSED with transparent silicone foundation applicators — me included.

But now, there's a new product that's making the Silisponge a thing of the past... and it's TRULY amazing.

This is the Evie Blender.

Like the Silisponge, it's made from silicone so it won't absorb — or waste — any product. It's easy to clean and is promised to last for an entire year.

But that's where the similarities end.

The Evie Blender addresses a LOT of the problems that people had with the original Silisponge — it's a genuine game-changer.

Instead of being a flat silicone pancake, it's shaped like the traditional beautyblender — wide at the base, tapered at the top. I found the Silisponge hard to use, because it didn't conform to the nooks and crannies of my face — the Evie Sponge's pointy top would fix that.

Better still, it's textured like an ACTUAL SPONGE, so you still get that beautiful foundation finish.

I found the super-smooth surface of the Silisponge really difficult — not only did the product slide around, I had to pat my face forEVER to blend the foundation and concealer halfway decently. Per the products' Kickstarter page, the Evie Blender "is textured for an airbrush finish," but still doesn't harbor bacteria — and that's amazing.

Plus, OMG, it's so squishy and cool!


I would just squish this all day, tbh.

Plus, no stains! Just clean it with soap and water — and it's as good as new.

The Evie Blender "Can even be sanitized in boiling water or cleaned with rubbing alcohol," for all you professional makeup artists out there. 

Angie Johnson, the makeup artist who created this amazing tool, said that she was really sick of expensive makeup sponges that couldn't be cleaned, tore, and absorbed too much makeup — which is why she created the Evie Blender.

The Evie Blender, according to Angie, is "all of the good things — and none of the bad." And judging by this video, it REALLY works.

The Evie Blender might just the the sparkly tool that will change the world — but it needs YOUR help.

They're currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise $28,000 to mass-produce these glittery babies. "We are patent pending and have the molds to make the Evie Blenders," writes a brand representative on the Kickstarter page. "After we make our Kickstarter goal, we can use our manufacturer in California to fulfill the orders and ship them out to you by the end of March 2017."

Back them NOW for $28, and get a first edition silver glittery Evie Blender — there will be more, special edition colors to follow!

This squishy silicone sponge might just change your beauty-loving life.

Seriously, check out the Evie Sponge on Kickstarter right now — let it change your life.

Are you excited about the Evie Blender?

I am STOKED — anything that makes this many amazing gifs is good in my book!