Makeup lovers, inhale and exhale — the eye shadow hack of all hacks is HERE.

If you've ever spent too much time trying to perfect your cut crease *or* had to use tape to get your shadow to extend *just so* — then there's a makeup artist with a genius invention meant to solve it all with a single stamp.

That's right. Meet the eye shadow stamp that's going SUPER viral right now.

Invented by the genius makeup artist behind Instagram account @jacknogueiramakeup, this stamp may LOOK strange and unusual — but this baby is about to make putting on eyeshadow as quick and simple as blinking your eye.

"Professional make up artist Jack Nogueira developed stamp crease for her clients after seeing the need for a perfect “cut crease” technique," reads a caption on their Instagram. "Adored by many, stamp crease has revolutionized the make up world."


You literally place your eye shadow into the curved part of the stamp, press it down on your eye, and slay.

I know what you're thinking: TAKE ALL MY COINS! The idea of two-second eyeshadow is just that clutch.

The process is entirely BRUSHLESS — you add your lid primer and shadows to the stamp with a finger.

Novelty brushes, I'mma let you finish 2017 — but this eye shadow stamp looks like it could be the greatest makeup hack of all time. Just sayin'.

*runs to find wallet*

You can also use it to place your eye shadow where you want in case you'd like to serve up an ombre lewk! Watch the process from start to finish.

OMG, it's freaking MAGIC!

And if it's glitter you want, then glitter you'll stamp!

What is fallout, again?

I'm not the only one hypnotized by these videos — all up, they've been watched five million times. That's a LOT of Instagram time!

I know you're reaching for that wallet. I know you want to buy one of these for yourself, and three more to bless your friends — but sorry, sweetie. Because you can't get it.

photo: Giphy

Demand was so intense that the stamp sold out almost immediately. Thousands and thousands of people sent in their orders, flooding the site, and nobody has been able to restock yet.

The eye shadow stamp is also pretty expensive as makeup applicators go. The stamp costs 89,90 Euros, which is about $107.45 USD. Additionally, I have no idea what the international shipping situation is — this invention was created in Brazil.

Follow Jack Nogueira on Instagram, and send along any questions on the official inquiry site. We'll keep you updated as more information rolls in on this cool new product!