Halloween is approaching quickly, which means it's time for all of us to up our makeup game – and fast. Some of us might be planning costumes such as aliens and cartoon characters that require covering the entire face and body with something brightly colored.

Just be warned: Do NOT use poster paint to do that.

Twitter user @LeleTill used Palmer Paints Washable Poster Paint to color her entire face pink.

palmer paints
photo: Palmer Paints

And although the label said it was safe for use on skin, it ended up staining her ENTIRE face.

Rest assured, she's not ACTUALLY suing the craft supply company — she's just trying to make us laugh.

And it's working.

photo: Giphy

Her tweet is blowing UP — it got 400,000 likes and counting — and now other users are inserting their own hilarious responses.

Most of them are just, "WHY?"

But it's so funny, it doesn't even matter, TBH.

Seriously, though, don't ever use poster paint as a cheap alternative to actual special effects cosmetics.

photo: Giphy

Even if it's safe for skin — otherwise you'll be wearing it long after you wash it off.

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