This is Molly Robbins, an English cake artist. She has a horrifying tale to tell.

Her mom allegedly texted her to complain that she couldn't get her false eyelashes to stick and sent this photo.

Apparently, what her mom had been struggling to glue to her eye wasn't a set of falsies. It was a DEAD FLY.

Absolutely not. Ew. ACK.

Naturally, the internet is in a heated debate about whether or not this is bullshit, but Molly's family insists it's not.

But one does have to ask: How on earth do you not feel the difference between your falsies and a dead insect?

photo: Giphy

Glasses or not, that's a pretty hard detail to miss. Also, how far did she get before she realized what she'd done and sent that photo? Did she actually try to put glue on that thing and stick it on her eye?

I need answers.

Either way, this image should leave you shook to the damn CORE with disgust.

Just thinking about it ... *shudder.*

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