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And, while Nova Beauty will be the first house brand the online store carries, there have been hints that this may expand.

To take their beauty game even further, Saghian also hopes to bring on all the major brands you'd find at Sephora and Ulta.

Currently, only offers a small selection of beauty products from lesser-known brands like Avatara, Bebella, and the Saghian-owned beauty brand Sam Marcel — so a wider range could be a MAJOR game-changer.

Maybe that means we'll also see Kylie Cosmetics, since Jenner low-key advertises for the brand already?

And given their 15 million followers across Instagram accounts and their loyal band of influencers, Nova Beauty could easily rival the major beauty meccas. 

Looking at you, Ulta and Sephora.

One thing's for sure: Creating a custom beauty brands means that fashion Nova is about to be RAKING in the cash.

photo: GQ

Expect to see a ton of Nova-fied faces in your Instagram feed very soon.

Because the hype is real.