Makeup artist Stella Sironen is well-known on social media for her insanely bright, over-the-top rainbow looks. If you love glitter and creative eyeliner, all served with a major side of positivity, she's your girl.

But after making a joke, she had no idea that she was accidentally creating Instagram's most amazing new brow trend.

Stella posted this picture to her wildly popular Instagram page, along with a clearly tongue-in-cheek caption. "So i'm starting this new brow trend," she said of the clearly editorial look. "Please recreate it and wear it everyday."

Given all the crazy stuff people do their eyebrows, is center-parting them and using a glue stick to keep them in place REALLY so wild?

And people. Freaked. Out.

Her original post has been liked 43,000 times — and has 3,000 comments, ranging from "THIS IS SO AWESOME" to "EW GROSS."

Two days later, Stella posted the full look, saying "Note to self: when u make a joke about starting a funny brow trend people will take it seriously and.... well. start the trend."

"THANK YOU for all the love and hate on my last pic!" Sironen continued. "I think we should call this #featherbrows so if you actually want to recreate this, pls use the hashtag and tag me in the picture."

And people are ACTUALLY doing it!

#featherbrows for life.

Why not add some gold glitter?

Fabulous on top of fabulous.

Sure, feather brows are A Lot Of Look...

But we LOVE how creative this is!

Whether you'd wear it or not, you gotta give Stella props for giving "Instagram eyebrows" a WHOLE new meaning.

Make sure you follow Stella Sironen on Instagram — who knows what makeup trend she'll start next?