What really sucks about being a feminist *and* loving beauty is understanding how historically disempowering the industry has been for women. But every now and then, something amazing happens, and you encounter a brand that just gets it.

This is one of those brands.

Introducing RealHer Makeup.

The brand launched back in 2016, and we're honestly mad we hadn't taken note if it until now.

Its offering includes multiple lipstick formulas, lip gloss, eye shadow palettes, and a selection of beauty tools.

And every single shade name is a self-affirming word or phrase that's printed right on the product's packaging.

I Am The Storm, I Deserve The Best, and I Am Loved are just a few examples.

And we're feeling a little bit bolder just by looking at them.

You can shop the brand's entire selection here.

If it weren't enough to literally encourage women with packaging, the brand also donates profits to a women's education charity.

20 percent of RealHer's profits is donated to the American Association of University Women, which provides educational funding for women across the country.

CEO and founder Bill Xiang created the brand because he wanted to empower women following the birth of his daughter.

According to PopSugar, Xiang had been working in cosmetics for a decade at the time his daughter, Yarie, was born. It was then that he'd realized the importance of feminism and desired to create something that would help as many women as possible.

Thus, RealHer was born. D'aw.

And we're really glad he did.

Because who doesn't like a little confidence boost with their morning routine?

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