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In case you didn't notice, Rihanna doesn't GAF about any other plans you may have had for your wallets as the holiday season approaches.

Before the buzz for her 40 foundation shades and killer Killawatts could even die down— she has already announced that she will be blessing us with the holographic Fenty Beauty Galaxy collection.

A rainbow eye shadow palette, eye liner, lipstick, more lip gloss, and a new brush are ALL coming to your home for the holidays in October — on Friday the 13th to be exact.

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I'm convinced that the Friday the 13th date is Rihanna trolling the hell out of us all. 

She *has* to know that she's been keeping us shook. And by now, I'm sure she's aware that other beauty brands are running for cover — or at least, scrambling to get their inclusivity together, stat. 

Rihanna debuted the Galaxy collection during the Fenty Beauty launch in Paris.

The Bad Gal played MUA to the attending fans, who were the FIRST to wear the Galaxy Collection — besides Rihanna herself, who was already wearing the new products, of course.

Oh, wouldn't you just love to get your Fenty Face by Robyn "Rihanna" Fenty, herself!? 

I'm jelly AF.

And check out the shimmery new eye shadow palette in all of its rainbow glory.

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Catch those diamond-shaped pans in the Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette ($59, Sephora).

Do you see that chrome finish on the iridescent packaging? Go ahead and just declare that you are SLAYED. 

Give in and dub Sephora your second home. 

And this is no pocket-sized palette, people. Rihanna is a *generous* queen, to quote a Nicki Minaj lyric.

Seriously. We're not ready for this holographic, galactic magic.

That Rihanna reign will NEVER stop and it looks like Fenty Beauty won't, either. Continue to rain down the blessings, Bad Gal. We are blessed with better beat faces because of it.

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Is your Fenty Face ready for this holiday collection? 

Prepare your wallets and adjust that calendar. Christmas is in October this year.