Rihanna stopped the world when she launched Fenty Beauty, and began filling all kinds of beauty needs

The most popular product to follow her huge initial launch was the Stunna lipstick ($24, Sephora) in the shade Uncensored — a "perfect universal red."

The lipstick dropped to RAVE reviews and even shattered some seriously terrible stereotypes about bright red on dark skin AND bright colors on big lips

But Stunna has one flaw that Fenty Beauty finally addressed with a helpful hack.

Fans love the Uncensored shade — but the issue is the lipstick transfers A LOT.

They think Stunna's transfer game is nearly magical! How does it not fade, yet get on everything?

"And that Stunna liquid lipstick gets on EVERYTHING. I'm baffled at how it doesn't fade for hours yet still stains everything," a fan tweeted.

One Fenty Beauty customer even has to double up on product to try and tame the staining.

"The Fenty Beauty Stunna lip paint would be the greatest lipstick I've ever worn if it didn't bleed without a lip liner underneath it," a customer shared on Twitter.

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When fans asked Fenty Beauty's makeup artist Priscilla Ono why Stunna lipstick stains so badly, she provided a simple explanation. 

"Stunna lip paint is not actually a matte liquid lipstick. It is just a liquid lipstick," Ono confirmed in a Fenty Beauty Q&A.

 "It's supposed to be very comfortable and non-drying on the lip that you have a beautiful and smooth texture." 

To critics' credit, the Fenty Beauty website *does* promise a "12-hour matte wear" and describes the finish as "soft matte." 

The Sephora product description says Stunna is a "soft matte" as well. 

But have no fear, Ono has a simple hack for minimizing Stunna transfer. 

"When you're applying the Stunna lip paint, it's actually very pigmented so you only need a little bit and it goes a long way," Ono explained. 

"Try to avoid layering the lipstick and it will actually transfer less."

Watch the full Fenty Beauty Q&A down below.