Rihanna may be on a roll with her luxury Fenty brand (and so am I as I work to save up for my very first bougie-girl purchase), but that doesn't mean she's neglecting the giant that is Fenty Beauty! The brand announced a fresh new product coming straight to your beauty bags in just TWO DAYS. Uh-huh. This is not a drill. Go ahead and inform your wallet: Bad Gal RiRi just switched up the game plan. 

Fenty Beauty announced that a fresh new face primer will drop on Friday, July 19. Make a bit of extra room in your beauty bags or on your vanities next to the rest of your beloved Fenty Beauty products

Say hello to your new Fenty Beauty favorite, the Pro Filt'r Mattifying Primer ($32, Sephora)!

"Make it matte, keep it matte. We're bringing you a brand-new primer that takes mattifying to the next level," the brand announced on Instagram. "#PROFILTRMATTIFYINGPRIMER mattifies skin, fights shine all day, and smoothes the look of pores without feeling tight or dry so you can keep your makeup looking fresh without caking. Available ONLINE ONLY on July 19 and in stores August 15 at fentybeauty.com, @sephora@harveynichols@bootsuk, and #SephorainJCP."

If you're thinking, "Wait, I thought Fenty Beauty already had a primer...," then SAME — and you're right. 

It's called the Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Primer ($32, Sephora) and it hit Sephora when the original 40 foundation shades did! Like the new primer on its way on July 19, this one is meant to minimize shine. "Unlike a basic mattifying primer, Pro Filt’r’s cushiony, touch-me-now texture mattifies skin with the lightest possible feel for a full-on sensorial experience," the product description reads on Instagram. "The universal invisipink™ formula creates a filter-like blurring effect and melts instantly into all skin tones without a trace."

So, why is Fenty Beauty adding yet another primer to its offerings?

Welp, it appears that the major difference is that the new primer is meant to really focus on minimizing shine and oiliness. It's also made with  "blue agave extract and blurring powder" to enforce the matte look. This primer provides a soft matte finish. If you never purchased the first primer, then now you get to try both to see which works best with your makeup routine and daily needs. If you were unimpressed by the former primer, then here's Fenty Beauty's second bid for your heart. Or, you could just buy this if you really, really adore the matte look. 

Fenty Beauty also clarified why it created a second primer on Twitter.

The brand confirmed that the new primer is meant specifically for oily skin types."What would be the difference between this one and the original? The type of skin it’s best suited for?" a fan asked. "We developed this new PRO FILT'R True Matte Primer with oily skin types in mind who want a matte finish to their makeup. Our original PRO FILT'R Soft Matte is more universal for normal skin types who also want a matte finish," Fenty Beauty wrote. 

Fans seemed to understand the purpose of the second primer and welcomed the clarification.

"I was initially irritated because not too long ago I bought the original primer BUT I can use the original when it's cool outside and the mattifier during hot months," a fan wrote. I can attest that this is a pretty cool method. I tend to have oilier and/or sweatier skin in the summer, making my makeup not look as matte or natural for as long as it does when its wintertime. I typically switch up the products I use or just avoid wearing makeup altogether.

Fenty Beauty also provided another tip for using both primers. 

"Exactly sis! You could also mix and match the primers using our new PRO FILT'R Mattifying Primer to target your oily areas (helloooo T-zones) and use our original Soft Matte Primer ($32, Sephora) on the rest of your face too on the same look!"

Want to add the new Fenty Beauty primer to your makeup routine, stat?

Set an alarm! You have about two days before you can buy the primer. Remember, it's only available online starting on July 19. If you prefer to buy it in the stores, then you'll have to wait until it hits store shelves on August 15. Happy priming for all the matte lovers!