photo: Kayla Nemwman/Instagram

Five years ago, the sounds of the same video took over millions of phones, and the phrase "on fleek" was born. The catchy words, which were initially combined to describe one Viner's eyebrows, took on new meaning as time went on, still to this day being a massive compliment for girls — and boys — who are out looking their best. Well, now the phrase is coming back. This time, the right way, and this time, giving credit to the woman who was forgotten about in the process. 

It's Peaches Monroee, everyone. 

It was the Vine video heard across the world. 

"We in this b***h, finna get crunk, eyebrows on fleek, dafuq," popular Viner Kayla Newman, aka Peaches Monroee, said to the camera in 2014. The phrase "on fleek" went on to be used to describe just about anything that was in tip-top shape and worthy of praise. 

However, with its rapid rise in popularity, by the time Monroee was urged to and considered trademarking the phrase, it had already been co-opted far and wide. Used by brands for profits and large influencers everywhere, Monroee was notoriously under-recognized and underpaid for her contribution. 

But leave it to Fenty Beauty to make up for it where many other brands fell short. 

A brand known for uplifting black women for their unsung donation to culture, Fenty enlisted Monroee to re-create her iconic video. 

"Ok, but who really remembers WHERE 'eyebrows on fleek' came from??? Had to run this classic back with the originator @peaches__monroee using our new #BROWMVP in 'Black-Brown', a fine and extra fleeky smudge-proof pencil and paddle brush available in 14 shades at," the brand said on Instagram about the video that even featured the same shirt as half a decade ago.

It was, of course, in celebration of one of Fenty Beauty's most recent launches.

The long-anticipated brow product has been slaying brows since its launch, and if it's Peaches-approved, then it's surely something any makeup lover can be certain works like a charm. Since posting the video, the reaction has been overwhelming but long overdue. "Yess!!! Fenty beauty is for the culture and it’s mandatory to stan at this point!!" one commenter wrote under Monroee's video. "MARKETING TEAM NEED A RAISE yes bring back the OG," said another. 

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We have to admit, it feels great to see sis finally get the recognition she deserves.

It's proof yet again that for many women, black women particularly, delay is certainly not denial. We can't wait to see what incredible things Fenty Beauty — and Monroee — have under their sleeves next.