photo: Instagram/Fenty Beauty

I can't begin to count the number of lip glosses I've misplaced. After spending even more money to replace them, I'll then find the lost ones between couch cushions, crevices of purses, under my bed, everywhere. And then, the cycle continues. The same applies to the Fenty Gloss Bomb, my favorite lip gloss, and a favorite of thousands of others. 

But now, in typical Rihanna fashion, life is being made easier, and the beloved formula is getting a convenient upgrade. 

Not only can you now easily dip your finger, but you can actually clip it on your person. 

"You ain't gonna ever wanna leave home without it," the brand announced on Instagram. "Say hello to our newest baybee #GLOSSBOMBDIP! You can now easily clip it on your clothes, belt or wallet for peachy nude glossy lips in just a few (clean, sanitized) finger taps. Get it when it drops on April 2ND‼️"

So you heard ’em: Gear up for April 2, because lip gloss just got a hell of a lot easier.