Fenty Beauty fans have truly blessed us.

Following the release of Fenty Beauty last week, Kylie Cosmetics began tweeting photos of its own products.

But the Rihanna Navy just collectively decided that Kylie was canceled from now on.

And what ensued was a hysterical (albeit seemingly unnecessary) Twitter roast of epic proportions.

No one in the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan was safe.

Kylie's fans begged for mercy...

... but just like their queen, RiRi's fans gave zero fucks.

Things only escalated when Kylie Cosmetics posted this photo of a lip kit worn by a Black model — a rarity for the brand.

The Rihanna Navy, beauty Twitter, AND Black Twitter collectively flooded the brand's feed to throw shade.

Hell, even people who don't care about either party came just to watch this Twitter war.

And it was worth it for the Rihanna gifs alone.

Bless you, RiRi fans.

Never stop being as clever and unapologetic as your leader.

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