It seemed like any other Wednesday today ... until it wasn't. Before we knew it, Instagram had turned into chaos as news that Rihanna has dropped yet another Stunna Lip Paint. The brand-new color is like nothing we've seen before, and its hot-pink hue is something that would make even Barbie break a sweat. 

The launch comes in just a week, and we have a strong feeling this is exactly what you'll want to be wearing for Valentine's Day. 

Yep, you read that right. Another Stunna Lip Paint is coming, and it's the hottest pink you've ever seen. 

"Y’all said y’all wanted more #STUNNA Lip Paint, and now it’s #UNLOCKED! ????This new vivid pink shade is dropping on February 12 in the same liquid to soft-matte formula that lasts through it all."

The vibrant shade boasts the same formula as the Stunna Lip Paints that came before it. 

The lippie has the same soft-matte long-wearing formula that looks good on every skin tone and goes on super smooth. 

We can't wait for Unlocked to join her sisters.

She will be joining Uncensored, Unveiled, Uncuffed, Unbuttoned, and Uninvited on February 12, don't miss out! You'll be able to purchase it for $24 from Sephora, Fenty Beauty, and Harvey Nichols.