I'm the first person to admit that I hate floral scents and have for a while. The last time I was rushing to spray on the sweet fragrances was in high school, when the aromas of Victoria's Secret were my go-to no matter the occasion. But as I've grown older, I've began to veer toward more sophisticated scents, both in aroma and in price. 

So earlier this week, when I was offered the opportunity to come experience the United States launch of vegan perfume favorite Floral Street, I was admittedly hesitant. Surrounded by other beauty babes, I took in each scent that the brand had to offer, amazed at how it turned scents I'm openly known to hate, like rose, vanilla, and espresso, into masterful blends that appealed to my most critical nose. At the head of the table, London-based beauty veteran and founder of the brand Michelle Feeney led a morning scent class that taught me more about fragrance in 15 minutes than I've learned in my entire beauty career. She explained the blood, sweat, and tears that went into creating such a successful and accessible fragrance brand — did I mention the fragrances are only $75?

Her recent brainchild and UK parfumerie has finally crossed the pond and brings its mix of luxury ingredients here for all to experience, appealing to the senses of the biggest perfume snobs out there. Even better, all of the scents are vegan, and their packaging, an adorable reusable and compostable box, gives new meaning to sophisticated sustainability. Ahead, check out the nine intoxicating fragrances that have officially changed the way I look at perfume. They are available now exclusively at Sephora. 

Black Lotus Eau De Parfum ($75, Sephora)

According to the brand:

Single-handedly redefining the notion of floral fragrance: the classic English-Rose dressed in a black leather jacket. Complex and multifaceted, the sweet honeyed scent of centifolia rose adds depth to lighter, spicy nuances by way of red peppercorn and saffron.

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Electric Rhubarb Eau De Parfum ($75, Floral Street)

Floral Street says this scent is like bottling "laughing and sipping perfectly chilled Prosecco on a balmy summer’s afternoon." Sounds divine, right? "White florals and powdery sandalwood are combined with the scent of English rhubarb and an unexpected blast of salty sea air" is the brand's description of the energetic scent.

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Chypre Sublime Eau De Parfum ($75, Sephora)

According to the brand's site, because it's "never encountered a flower they didn’t like, they’ve loaded almost all of them into this addictive blend." The fragrance was crafted of purified damask rose, violets, patchouli, and geranium, as well as olibanum, creating a wooden-like scent for those who like a more musky fragrance.

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Iris Goddess Eau De Parfum ($75, Floral Street)

Floral Street describes this fragrance as if an "explosion of powdery violets collides with ripe red fruits." The luxury fragrance of black vanilla, warm musks, and earthy carrot seed create a sophisticated aroma that all will love. For some added zest, the brand incorporated sparkling lemon zest and red chili pepper for an added jolt. 

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London Poppy Eau De Parfum ($75, Floral Street)

This one is my personal favorite. The brand describes London Poppy as "a love letter to London—a city as tough as everlasting poppies, the city that sees the sun through the clouds—the scent opens with a bright beam of light." If citrus scents are your thing, this Sicilian lemon and Florida orange-packed perfume is for the fragrance lover that enjoys a little extra zing. 

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Neon Rose Eau De Parfum ($75, Sephora)

Floral street says that you’ve "never experienced flowers like these," and we agree! The freshly chopped jasmine and roses collide with crisp, green angelica for a botanical infusion that incorporates fresh bergamot overhead.

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Wild Vanilla Orchid Eau De Parfum ($75, Sephora)

When Floral Street describes Wild Vanilla, it says that it represents a "raw-edged confection of creamy vanilla beans, blossom, cassis, and citrus dressed in a bunch of just-plucked jasmine." The laid-back scent, infused with bamboo and sandalwood that bend and fold underneath, for a scent that will have everyone asking you what you're wearing. 

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Wonderland Peony Eau De Parfum ($75, Sephora)

According to the brand, Floral Street doesn’t like to play favorites. However, they surely have a knack for peonies. Wonderland Peony is a scent packed with peonies, pink berries, and violets — this scent is anything but dainty. The shot of cedarwood on top has a woody-balsamic warmth, while vetiver and hazelnut trail the end of the scent for an unexpected musk.

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Ylang Ylang Espresso Eau De Parfum ($75, Sephora)

And finally, Floral Street has one for the "rebels, the thinkers, and the leaders—a strikingly modern blend of red rose, ylang-ylang, and jasmine crossed with a soothing cloud of just-brewed coffee, fresh cream, and Sichuan pepper." This spicy scent is surely for those who appreciate the sassier side of life. 

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