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California-based tattoo artist Mo Southern told the "Today" show that she gets dozens of requests for freckle tattoos.

“It brings a certain youth to the face,” Southern told "Today." 

While some want freckle tattoos to appear fresher and younger, others get them just to accentuate the freckles they already have.

And some just want a new look altogether.

These face tattoos aren't completely permanent — they're created with pigments instead of ink.

Though they look really intense at first, but fade into something much more subtle as they heal.

And they only last for around two years.

These freckle-tattoos are a real confidence booster for the people who desire them.

"AWWWW. They're so cute!"

And their popularity is encouraging naturally freckled folks to love their skin EVEN MORE.

Still, whether you're rocking real, faux, or no freckles, cheers. You look DAMN good.

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